Our Mission

To keep the magic in publishing, give expression to under-represented voices, support meaningful storytelling, and treat authors and readers as family.

Our Magic

You sit down to write an inspired idea. Magic flows from your fingertips as words appear on the page. The writing process is one of wonder, beauty, and magic.

At Balance of Seven, we don’t want the magic to stop as soon as you write “The End.” We are here to help keep it flowing through the entire publishing process: submission, edits, publication, and marketing.

Balance of Seven is a rapidly growing, award-winning small press with a heart. We work to give voices to those who aren’t heard or represented in mainstream publishing. Our standard is one of enthusiasm and encouragement, as we offer:

odern Approach to Publishing

uthenticity: we want your work to truly reflect you

uidance through the process: from submission to release

nspiring editorial review to help strengthen your story

ommunity with your publisher, editors, & fellow authors

When you submit your story to us for consideration, we are mindful of your vision, as well as the market. Our ambition is to put quality work in the hands of readers. We have the ability to offer guidance to authors whose story/writing may need a bit more polish, and our insight into storytelling, quality writing, and stories the world needs is reflected in our selections for publication. If, for some reason, a submission is not selected, it is handled with compassion.


“Balance of Seven is a different kind of publishing experience, bringing a little taste of home and community into the publishing process. They strive to guide their authors into a successful marketing process that will further their writing careers, walking them through each step and teaching them new techniques. Ynes proactively supports authors, and her desire to see authors succeed is obvious in all that she does, bringing encouragement and hope to all.”

— H. M. Forrest, Author, “Snow Battle,” Winter Whimsy

“The people behind Balance of Seven are some of the most supportive people I’ve ever encountered. I’m an indie author who was frankly terrified of dealing with a publisher… until Balance of Seven. I dipped my toe into the water and was published in their winter 2019 anthology. No regrets! The Balance of Seven team is a dream come true for my first foray with a publisher. They probably ruined me for life because I don’t think anyone else will be able to match the dedication, professionalism, support, cheerleading, and all-around joy they bring to the table.”

— Theda Vallee, Author, “Mine,” Dragons Within: Guarding Her Own