Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

At Balance of Seven, we strongly believe in helping our authors. One way we achieve this is by weaving our magic to help our publications get recognized. Many of our authors now claim the title of either award-winning or bestselling author. In fact, several of our authors hold both those titles.

In 2018, Rogues and Wild Fire hit #1 Bestseller on Amazon!

Winter Whimsy was selected as the winner of the 2019 International Book Awards in the Fiction: Anthologies category!

This award is presented by American Book Fest, which covers books from all sections of the publishing industry—mainstream, independent, and self-published. With more than 2,000 entries from authors and publishers around the world, we couldn’t be more excited! Congratulations to all our authors!

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Winter Whimsy also won the 2019 Texas Authors Best YA (Middle School) Shorts—making it a two-time award winner!

The Evon Series by Dorothy Tinker won Best Fantasy Series in the Texas Authors 2019 Book Awards!

Rogues and Wild Fire won the 2019 Texas Authors Best Romance Collection, given by the Texas Association of Authors!

Dragons Within: Claiming Her Wings was named a Finalist in the 2019 Annual Best Book Awards, by American Book Fest, in the Fiction: Anthologies category!

In 2019, Dragons Within: Guarding Her Own hit #1 Bestseller on Amazon!

#1, LGBT Anthologies & Collections

#3, LGBT Action and Adventure

#11, Fantasy Anthologies & Short Stories