Unleashing Magical Worlds Has Begun!

Today’s the day! Balance of Seven’s first ever crowdfunding campaign!

So, why are we doing this? Because we want to continue supporting our amazing and talented authors and artists. We want their voices to be heard and their skills to be recognized. And frankly, we are not a huge company with loads of money to back the work we do.

Our central team does all the work on our free time.

  • Tod does formatting, bookkeeping, taxes, submits to awards and the library of congress, as well as keeping inventory in stock and sending out every book ordered from our online shop.
  • Ynes works tirelessly to keep our social media interesting so we can build our community and engage with our audience, as well as marketing, which includes marketing copy, book blurbs, press releases, and coaching authors for marketing and events.
  • Leo does the endless work it takes to bring submissions through the editorial process so we can put our authors’ works out into the world, which involves coordinating the many people involved.
  • I handle coordinating artists, and making sure we’re giving our creatives and our team the support they need while going through the intense process of what it takes to turn a manuscript into a book.
  • And on top of all of that, we’re authors ourselves.

All we’re asking for is what it will take to bring these four books into the world and cover the costs of all the fun perks we’re offering in our tiers. We’re a company that believes in giving our authors decent royalties and paying our artists, editors, and formatters/designers what they’re worth. Your contributions help us continue to make sure their voices will be heard.

To learn more about the books the crowdfunding campaign will be supporting, visit our Unleashing Magical Worlds page.

To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign and make your contribution today, visit our Unleashing Magical Worlds Indiegogo campaign page.

Charlene Templeman


Balance of Seven

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