Balance of Seven is seeking unique stories that bring something meaningful to the world. We seek stories that not only are good but draw the reader in and make them never want to leave.

We care deeply about what we release into the world. Submissions need to be well-crafted stories that have significant meaning to the author: a labor of love that will resonate with readers.

Our preferences tend to lean toward speculative fiction: stories that open imaginations to the “what-if” of a well-crafted world that feels alive and real. We are open to other fiction submissions as well, as long as they deliver a meaningful message.

We are dedicated to publishing new and emerging authors, as well as those with underrepresented voices.

What we are not looking for:

– Heavy romance and erotica genres

– Fanfiction

– Excessive and pointless violence, sex, and swearing—content that pushes the envelope should be necessary to the plot

– First drafts that have not gone through rewrites/polishing

– Authors who are not open to critique and edits that are meant to help them and their story

True magic only happens when a writer is dedicated to making their story the best it can be. While we never seek to change an author’s message/vision, we do offer suggestions and advice to our authors, whom we expect to be receptive and courteous, even if the advice is eventually rejected.

If you have crafted a story that delivers a meaningful message to the world and matches what we’re seeking, then please read our submission process and send us your magic.

Send an email to: submissions (at) balanceofseven (dot) com

Mark the subject line: SUBMISSION: (title of your story)


Cover page

– Name

– Pen name

– Email address

– Book title

– Is it a single book, or will it be a series? If a series, how many books?

– Word count (for book and for submitted excerpt)

– Synopsis

– Synopsis of book

– Synopsis of series (if applicable)

– First five chapters


12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced

Standard Manuscript Format (see for example)

Italics as italics (not underlined)

DO NOT copy/paste your file into an email as inline text. Attach your file to the email.

If a submission makes it through this round, we will ask for a full manuscript before making a final decision.

Authors should expect to hear back within 6–8 weeks of submitting their work.