Pride Month: Your Story Matters – Dr. Bakkalian

Post by Dr. Nyri A. Bakkalian. It matters now, more than ever, to uplift trans voices and read trans stories, and for us trans authors, to write those stories.

I Knew

Post by Theodore Niretac Tinker. A common question or conversation piece I hear around the trans identity is “When did you know?” “When did you know you didn’t identify as the gender you were assigned at birth?” “When did you know you were [insert preferred gender here]?” “When did you know you were transgender?

10 Ways We Are Different (And Why We Embrace It)

Post by D. Ynes Freeman. Most of our books are award winning or #1 Amazon bestsellers, sometimes both. But that’s not all that makes Balance of Seven unique.

The Evolution of Language: Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Post by Dr. Nyri A. Bakkalian. Modern language on gender identity and sexual orientation is not the same as the language that existed in the 1860s, but that doesn’t mean that people with those identities didn’t exist.