Reading is Magic Box – 40% of Each Purchase Supports Ukraine & Peace

by Sarah V. Hines

I wrote Hubris in a dark, bleak time in my life. I was dealing with unbearable struggles both inside and out. Hubris was a way to give a face to the pain and hopelessness that I battled with daily, as well as a discourse on the struggles humanity faced as a whole. I always meant for Hubris to be a statement to how difficult and yet how crucial it is to face the monsters that hold so much power over our everyday lives, who can act with impunity while innocent people pay the price.

We see a very real example of this in Ukraine today, as well as many places throughout modern history: the innocent people of a country must suffer, lives are sacrificed and courage is defined by everyday people’s resolve to stand up to face one madman’s ego and power. As the men and women of Ukraine—many of whom have never even served in the military—take on the monster whose power seems absolute, we see a struggle playing out in front of the world that has gone on for decades, sometimes with very little fanfare from our media. Today, we should recognize the horror and shame of invasions and occupations of people in Ukraine and around the world and stand strong in solidarity with those that fight for their right to exist.

In light of the invasion of Ukraine, I am honored to support Balance of Seven in their decision to donate 40% of all box sales to the charity Sunflower of Peace, who provides dire needed medical supplies to medics and doctors in Ukraine, saving lives when there is little time and resources to do so.

Our “Reading is Magic” box contains a copy of Hubris, as well as a handcrafted beanie, a handmade resin Libra pendant, a meditation for inner calm, and a holographic sticker drawn by yours truly. It is a great gift for readers in your life, as well as those that enjoy books about facing the monsters in the world. In these times, we need these folks more than ever.

About the Author

Sarah V. Hines was born in Ohio where she lived the first 17 years of her life before moving to Florida for a spell and then heading over to Washington, D.C. She is slowly working toward her bachelors in International Relations and Anthropology. She loves topics on fantasy, feminism and foreign policy. She also loves languages and is currently learning Russian, Spanish and Arabic. She is currently working on The Siren Tragedies Series, of which the first book, Hubris, will be published in April of 2022. Throughout the series, she combines various mythological themes to tell her stories.

About Hubris and the Reading is Magic Book Box

Telese’s yearning for freedom and Eric’s passion for knowledge bring them together in a dangerous alliance. They must challenge their old beliefs to bring together the warring Light and Dark Worlds, reveal magic to humans, and rally the Sirens against the father-leader who wrote their rules. Can Eric and Telese save humans and create a united, harmonious system of rule, or will the worlds they must align fall victim to their hubris?

40% of each purchase of the Reading is Magic Book Box will go to the Sunflower of Peace Foundation.

Each box contains:

  • A paperback copy of Hubris (The Siren Tragedies) – with signed bookplate
  • A hand-knitted “Read” cap
  • A “Saving the World One Page at a Time” 3” round holographic sticker
  • A handcrafted themed velvet charm bookmark
  • A “Find Your Balance” mantra card to help alleviate stress and heaviness
  • A sparkling indigo Libra (balance) charm, made of resin


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