Grey Dawn

Grey Dawn is a time travel military lesbian fiction. It has a host of queer characters. It features a Civil War Union soldier who finds herself transported to the modern day, and she has to figure out how she and her ideals can fit into this new world.

About the Author

Nyri A. Bakkalian, Ph.D. is a queer Armenian-American by birth, a military historian by training, and is proud to have called the American and Japanese northeasts her home. Her writing, art, and photography have appeared in Gutsy Broads, Metropolis Japan, The Copperfield Review, Con course, The Raven Chronicles, Inklette, QueerPGH, and other venues. Her essay “Curtains in the Breeze” won first place in The Fountain Magazine’s 2017 essay contest. What’s her secret, you ask? Garlic and Turkish coffee. But really, mostly Turkish coffee. Come say hello to her on Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon at @ riversidewings.