Fia Drake, Soul Hunter

Set in Denver, CO, the Fia Drake, Soul Hunter Series is about a soul hunter who finds her life turned upside down as she gets too close to a job and too close to a man. It’s full of possessions, demons, angels, and a kickass woman with a crossbow.

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“I have always had a fascination with religious mythology and it has been one of those ideas that creeps around in the back of my mind, waiting for the right avenue. Fia Drake became that avenue, tracking and trapping fugitive condemned souls that had been freed from the underworld.”

— D. Gabrielle Jensen, Author

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About the Author

Award-winning bestseller D. Gabrielle Jensen was born and reared in the rural mountains of Colorado but she has asphalt in her veins, feeling a lifelong call to the city, any city, to chaos and noise, to steel and glass. It is for that reason her characters make their homes in a city. Urban fantasy became the genre that made the most sense, infusing fantasy and the paranormal into the music of the City.

She loves things that begin with the letter “C” – coffee, cats, cities, conversation, concerts – and things that don’t – airports, macro photography, urban decay, macro photography of urban decay, and the beauty of flaw.