Shiny Bits in Between

The Making of the Shiny Bits in Between Cover

Watch the making of the cover for Georgina Key’s Shiny Bits in Between:


Dorie, a divorced middle-aged woman, has given up on life. Living in a large, too-quiet house in Houston, Texas, she has shut herself off from the world, preferring to be alone with her books and her thoughts. When Dorie unexpectedly receives an invitation to her ex-husband’s wedding, it is more than she can bear. She retreats to the only place she finds any solace-the sea.

Meanwhile, Clementine, a young artist overwhelmed by grief, makes a journey in search of her lost boy. Teetering on the edge of madness, she wanders up and down the Texas Gulf Coast, trapped in a space between reality and dreams. On a moonlit winter night, she emerges from the waves, staggering along the shore near the remnants of her shattered life.

Soon after moving into her little yellow house by the sea, Dorie discovers Clementine’s journal and begins obsessively devouring each word. Her curiosity leads her into a journey of self-discovery, connecting her to the raw beauty of Bolivar Peninsula and the eccentric, generous locals who call it home.Fate has brought both women to this small rural community. When their paths finally collide, will they drag each other into despair or begin to transform into who they were meant to be?

A story of human resilience, Shiny Bits in Between explores the journey of transformation through connection with self, community, and the landscape we call home. What does it truly mean to move forward after a life-changing tragedy? Is happiness forever lost, or are the shiny bits in between enough?

About the Author

Georgina is a writer and artist who lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two sons. She graduated with an M.A. in English and has taught writing for many years, formally at the college level, through Writers in the Schools, and independently as a private writing tutor. 

She and her husband are founding editors of the children’s literary zine, Silver Rocket and co-authored the chapbook, Mean Ugly Cat. She does audiobooks for Sight into Sound Radio and is voice talent for Litopia Pop-Ups. Georgina is also a volunteer at Writespace, a non-profit literary arts organization based in Houston.

After moving to the states from England, Georgina and her family vacationed in Galveston, Texas each summer. The remote community of Bolivar Peninsula on the Texas Gulf Coast was so different from where she was brought up, and she quickly fell in love with the authentic beauty of the landscape and its inhabitants. Her dream of owning her own little house by the sea came true years later. Shiny Bits in Between is her love letter to Bolivar Peninsula. 

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