About the Author

Ynes Malakova the black sheep in a family of wolves. Beauty in darkness is her magic, her love, her moon. A fan of the pastel goth aesthetic, she collects adorably sinister plushies and pleasantly disturbing scented candles. She has authored several award-winning and bestselling short stories, which can be found on her bookshelf just above her mini-graveyard Zen garden. Want to win her heart? Buy a dozen white roses, recite a William Blake poem—or just cook dinner and put on a horror film. She enjoys conversations about artwork, literature published before 1800, and contemplating the connections between innocence, the feminine, serpents, and death. On weekends, she breaks out the board games with friends: particularly Mansions of Madness, where she plays exclusively as William Yorick. Come say hi on Facebook and Twitter.

“Women possess such magic. To meet one so extraordinary, who carries great power inside, strikes fear into the hearts of some. They feel the need to control it, to contain it. To make sure it never sees the light of day. Or—in the case of A Viper in the Court—the night.”