About the Author

Theodore Niretac Tinker is a spec-fic trans author, meticulous editor, and deep-diving worldbuilder. Words and worlds are his passion; quality and consistency, his goal. Specializing in the spiritual, he fights for justice and equality through his books, explores the weird and whimsical in his short stories, and helps other writers find the voice and power of their own stories through his editing services. All these infinite literary endeavors are supported by an endless supply of chocolate, which he hoards in his library alongside his books like any good dragon. You can dive deeper into his worlds at www.theodorentinker.com, join him for queer storytelling and worldbuilding at www.twitch.tv/theodorentinker, or join his magical army at www.patreon.com/theodorentinker.

“Growing up, I didn’t have the language to express my true self. I didn’t understand that the gender I was assigned at birth might not be who I really am. That’s why I write stories representing queer characters and queer journeys: to help readers know they are not alone.”