About the Author

DB Smyth is a Molotov cocktail in Hello Kitty packaging who believes imaginary characters and make-believer worlds offer greater insight into the human condition than history books full of facts. She’s on a mission to break toxic cultural norms and help multicolored sheep like her feel seen through stories that shine a light in dark spaces. DB writes of monsters, trauma, and the gritty parts of life in hopes we might find redemption in the darkness and beauty in the chaos. You can find her clicking away on her keyboard near Salt Lake City, Utah. To read more from DB Smyth or just to say hi, stop Instagram.

“I wrote Soul Reaper because I wanted people to feel what it was like to live with the side effects of trauma—the anxiety, the nightmares, the loss of self. Even more, I wanted those like me to know there is still hope for us to find our light and our release from the pain.”