About the Author

Charleigh Brennan lives across the street from a cemetery. She’s grateful to have such quiet neighbors, as they give her plenty of time to be creative. Well, except when they get a little out of hand and knock items off her desk. But for the most part, it’s maybe not so kind of, sort of scary or something . . . maybe. Charleigh has lived an unexpected life, veering off into odd and unexpected paths on more than one continent. She misses the temperate weather of her Northern California upbringing yet loves seeing actual seasons in her present home in New England. If only it didn’t snow for quite as long as it does. However, that does give her a good excuse to participate in some of her favorite pastimes, like reading, playing video games, trying new and interesting teas, and of course, writing. You can find Charleigh on her Patreon account or on her Facebook page.

“Vampires don’t always have to be cool and mysterious. I like exploring how they face immortality. There’s a loneliness that comes from outliving loved ones, and they have to decide how to keep going while outliving those around them.”