Whimsy of My Life

Years ago, I began writing short stories based off real nightmares I have had throughout my life.  Not many translated well, but I decided that I wanted to continue this collection.  I also decided I wanted to write some based on dreams, as well, and form the stories into an anthology called Dreams & Nightmares.

Unfortunately, pleasant dreams are harder for me to remember.  Even if I decided to write the stories without real dreams for their bases, I found my inspiration for such things was lacking.

Until last night.

I’m not sure what prompted me to start writing a dream story last night, but I finished it fairly quickly.  I’ve posted in on Wattpad for any who might be interested in a whimsical story about the pull of the dream world.

“I don’t dream often, but, when I do, the dreams are real and vibrant, and I have yet to forget one.”

–Whimsy of My Life

Feel free to take a look (the story’s not long) and let me know what you think.

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