The Importance of Names in Evon

In the world of Evon, a child is not given a name until its Naming Day, ten days after its birth.  Granting a child a name not only recognizes it as a person but also acknowledges the life in the child.

Despite the power of the Healing Magic that some humans wield, Mage Healers are only so prevalent.  Newborn deaths are not uncommon, especially among the nobility, whose lines are restricted to certain families and are not fortified by magic the way some lower-classed families are.  (Such importance of magic within family lines is unacknowledged by everyone, but that does not lessen its effect.)

The following is an excerpt from my novel, Peace of Evon.  These are the words of Mama Caler, a powerful Seer, who Saw the future of the baby girl who would be Named Gemini Cosley.


“Lord and Lady Cosley.[…]This daughter of yours will be no ordinary girl.  She will not see distinctions the way most do.  To her, there will be no difference between men and women, rich and poor, magical and non-magical.  She will help her countrymen to alter their views that they, too, might view the world this way.

“She will bring peace to—nay, she shall be the peace of—this land when it needs her most.  At times, she will seem as one person, while, at others, she might seem like another.[…]Lord Cosley, I would recommend to you that you raise her both as a son and as a daughter that she might meet her future as your heir well-prepared.[…]

“From what I have Seen, this child will accomplish much during her life, yet I have learned it is inappropriate to name a child after what she will do.  Instead, it is best to name her after what she will be able to do or a personality trait.[…]

“If I were you, Lord and Lady Cosley, I would name her for her dual personality.”

–Mama Caler at Gemini Cosley’s Naming Ceremony


The baby girl was named for the twin moons that circle the planet of which Evon is a part.

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