The Importance of Being Prepared


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Thank goodness the place I’m staying at has a printer.

In every area of our life, we are always taught to be prepared.  It’s even one of the main tenets of the boyscouts.  Whether you are taking a test, going to an interview, or even just going shopping (you can’t buy anything without carrying some form of payment), preparedness is a must.

Attending conventions is no exception.  Whether you’re attending a convention as a member of the paying public or with the intention of selling merchandise, the weekend can’t be a success if you are not prepared.

Thankfully, the closest I’ve come so far this weekend to such a lack of success is pictured above.  The empty box depicted used to hold excerpts of my book, which I hand out to potential customers in the hopes that the taste they get from it will bring them back for the full product.

Now, I’ve printed two batches of excerpts since I first decided on this tactic.  The first was a batch of one hundred, and it lasted me for three full conventions with four excerpts left over.  The second batch was in preparation for this weekend.  I decided to print seventy-five; more than enough to last the weekend, surely.

Imagine my surprise when I managed to hand out thirty-three excerpts on the first day.  Eight more disappeared overnight (I like to leave out the free stuff even when I’m closed in case of late-night browsers).  By the time I left this evening, I had one excerpt left.  And it, too, will hopefully be gone by morning.

As I said, thank goodness I’m staying at a place with a good printer.  As I write this, I’m printing off sixty more excerpts.  If the weekend continues as it has, it shouldn’t be difficult to get rid of them by the end of Monday.

On top of the success found in quickly disappearing excerpts, I managed to sell the same number of books today as I did yesterday, which definitely makes this the best convention I’ve had all year.

I’ll keep you posted on the rest of the weekend, and, hopefully, I will return to my Culture-Building series on Tuesday.

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