The Immortal Hunt

Run, run, little thief, but you cannot hide,
the gods’ revenge cannot abide,
A beast who steals, who kills, depraved,
who preys on souls and can’t be saved.
You cannot still the burning Hate,
which beats within the souls you take,
Nor burn away the sickly Fear,
which seeps within and has no cure.
You cannot fight the raging War,
which churns and burns within your core.
None can escape the shade of Death,
which stops your heart and steals your breath.
When gods join force against your crime,
you’ll pray your death takes little time.

–A description of the Immortal Hunt as told by an elven Seer and Mindspeaker.

This was inspired by a scene I am currently working on for the third book in the Peace of Evon series, Lost King.

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