Peace of Evon is now available!

Despite some hiccoughs with the ebook, Peace of Evon is now available in paperback.  While it will take a couple of days for it to show up on Amazon, anyone who is interested can check it out through my website here.

Since it has been nearly a year since I last published book, I had forgotten how much trouble an ebook could be to publish (formatting and deciding just who to publish with).  After wasting hours yesterday on a program I couldn’t even use with the company I was trying to publish with, I finally broke down and decided to go with Smashwords.

And, so far, Smashwords seems like a great company.

I’ve seen some people complain about having to read the Smashwords Style Guide, but the style guide gives step-by-step instructions and makes formatting my story into an ebook fairly easy.  My only complaint is that my story uses a lot of italics, and I have had to go back through the entire story to replace them after using the nuclear method that the style guide recommends to remove all possibly funky formatting.  However, searching for italics in a backup of my story now is preferable to searching for whatever messed up formatting gets flagged later.

I’m also interested in seeing how my story does in ebook formats other than Kindle’s Mobi.  For reasons I still don’t understand, Lulu refused to upload my original story (never even got to the point of trying to convert it with them).  Since I didn’t know about Smashwords back then, I ended up with a Kindle ebook and nothing else.

Hopefully, I’ll have better luck with Peace of Evon.

No matter what, though, I have learned that self-publishing can be like anything else:  trial and error until you get it right.

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