Pact of the Tauresian Pirates

At one point in my novel, Peace of Evon, the characters reference a document known as the Pact of the Tauresian Pirates.  As explained by Gemini, known to her audience at the time as James Caffers, the name is “simple, aye.  However, we are simple men, so the name works”.
The title of the Pact isn’t the only thing that’s simple.  When the Tauresian Pirates unified, they didn’t want to completely destroy the way of life they’d found as pirates.  Therefore, the Pact only dictates those actions that were deemed necessary for peace and unification among them.

Pact of the Tauresian Pirates

1. Structure of Governance
   a. The captain of each of the signed ships will sit on a Tauresian Council that will meet at the Port of Calay twice a year, once at the beginning of Early Spring and once at the beginning of Early Autumn.
   b. Every man in the crew of one of the signed ships will follow all orders given by the captain of their ship pertaining to battles and destinations.
   c. Those decisions pertaining to ship duties, everyday activities, and the fate of prisoners are to be decided by the crew by majority vote.
   d. All loot will be divided justly and fairly, each man receiving his apportioned lot.  The means of division is defined in the charter of each of the signed ships.
2. None of the signed ships shall attack or terrorize any ship, city, or other property governed by Evon or this Pact unless they are first attacked, terrorized, or otherwise provoked.
3. If one of the signed ships falls into trouble that they themselves cannot handle, it is the duty of the other signed ships to protect the ship in trouble by any means necessary without breaking part of this signed agreement.
4. If the captain of a signed ship is deemed unworthy or unable to captain his ship, the first mate may take over the captaincy, by force if necessary.
   a. If the first mate succeeds in taking the captaincy and the previous captain still lives, the crew will decide by majority vote what to do with the previous captain.
   b. If the first mate fails to take the captaincy, even by force, the captain may keep the captaincy but must let the crew decide by majority vote what to do with the first mate.
5. If the crew cannot form a majority for those decisions that are decided by majority vote, the captain must decide between the two most popular choices.
6. And if any pirate or ship should break this signed agreement, he/it is no longer under its protection, and it is the duty of the other signed ships to punish him/it.

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