God’s Not Dead

I’m not usually one to promote movies, especially in such a public forum, and I’m not a Christian (I fall more under the category of “spiritual but not religious”), but I truly believe that the movie, God’s Not Dead, is one at which everyone should at least take a gander.

Quick synopsis for those who haven’t heard of the movie.  Basic storyline involves a young Christian just entering university who takes Intro to Philosophy in his first semester.  The professor of this course is a professed Atheist who insists that, in order to save everyone time and trouble, each student writes on a piece of paper that ‘God is dead’, sign it, and turn it in.  The young Christian refuses, claiming that he can’t write and sign something that he does not believe.  In return, the professor forces him to attempt to prove the opposite, that God is not dead.

If you were to take this movie and change out Christianity with any other religion, I believe it would still fit.  Although the movie promotes Christianity, I believe the true messages behind it are purer than choosing one religion over another.  It is about having the opportunity to choose to believe what you truly believe and to act on those beliefs if you so desire.  It is about finding hope in something larger than ourselves, whether that be the Christian God or the higher power of any other religion.  And it is about fighting against the oppression of our beliefs and our own beings that is so much a part of society these days.

I truly believe that these messages fit everyone.  Admittedly, most Atheists would probably find the movie off-putting since it is about proving that a higher power exists, but I believe that even Atheists have the right to believe in what they truly believe.  And I’m certain that true Atheists (ones that don’t simply call themselves Atheists because they hate God, but actually believe there is no such thing) have something in which they can find hope, themselves as individuals or science, if nothing else.

To me, what a person’s beliefs are doesn’t matter.  To me, what matters is that every person is given the choice to believe and to practice their beliefs.  Friendly debate and the trading of information is all well and good, but all too often we try to force our beliefs onto others or oppress those that don’t conform to our beliefs, even when our beliefs call for acceptance and kindness towards our fellow man.

We are all human.  We all believe in something, religion or otherwise.  As long as those beliefs provide us with hope and don’t lead to crimes and pain, what is the reason for interfering?

Peace.  Balance.  Coexist.  Unity.

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