Gemini: Celestial Twins or Incarnated Goddess?

If you’ve read the summary of Peace of Evon, you understand that Gemini is the name of one of the series’ main characters.  In fact, out of the book’s five major players, the Peace of Evon storyline focuses most around Gemini Cosley:  daughter and only child of one of Evon’s five dukes, raised as his heir in a culture where women have few rights, most notorious rebel leader of the country…and physical incarnation of a demigoddess known as Peace.

However, gemini isn’t just the name of the story’s main character.  It’s a concept that’s seen throughout my stories, though not necessarily referred to by that name.

Astrologically, I’m a gemini, and, while I’m also an only child, the concepts of twins, dualities, and the balance between them has always interested me.  It is this Balance, as well as the Chaos that I see opposing it, on which I base the religion and scale of morality in the Peace of Evon series.

All of the gods that represent something ‘good’ (creation, life, love, hope, peace) have balancing deities that represent something ‘bad’ (destruction, death, hate, fear, war).  It is only when the Balance between them is overwhelmed by Chaos that the realm is threatened.  (Incidentally, this kind of imbalance is the reason behind the decades-long war of which Evon is a part at the beginning of the series.)

Gemini is also used in one other way in this world: it is the name of the twin moons that circle the planet.  The decision behind this was originally to provide a source for the main character’s name without referencing Earth-based constellations.  However, the Gemini moons have become a physical representation of the importance of balance throughout the entire planet.

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