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Two weekends ago, while I was at Animefest, I learned of a wonderful website I hadn’t heard of before:  If you haven’t either, it’s a great place to read (or post) stories of any genre (including fanfiction and popfiction) for free.  It’s a lot like was before broke away to form its own website for writers/readers of original stories.

One of the nice things about Wattpad is the semi-professional setup.  Unlike or, you can upload a cover image for the story or link the story to video and images online.  This is especially useful if you have a video trailer for your book (which I hear is becoming more popular).

Like Goodreads, you can connect with friends and see what their reading, which is useful when there are about 40 million stories on the site.  There are also ongoing discussions under the Clubs section, some of which I’ve already starter perusing.

One of the main reasons I decided to join Wattpad, however, is that, for a publishing author like myself and so many of you out here, it provides another platform on which to connect with potential fans.  Even if you’ve already published a book or are planning to publish (like I am), you can still post the beginning of the story on Wattpad to give potential fans a taste of your work before they buy.  Hopefully, they will like your story enough that they need to know the rest.

Come join me on Wattpad (, see what new stories are waiting to be found, and don’t be afraid to get your own work out there.  You’ll never gain anything if you don’t at least try.

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