Languages of the World

Languages of the World

The official language of Evon is Fayralese, the language attributed to their northern neighbor, Fayral. However, Evon’s people come from various backgrounds.

Zhulan, Evon’s central province, was once a country in its own right, long before the formation of Fayral, let alone Evon, was ever contemplated. Zhulan’s power lasted for a full millennium before a failing in the magic of humans ultimately led to heavy disputes between the nomads and the river-dwellers. This proved the end of Zhulan as a unified country as the nomads isolated themselves to the desert and the river-dwellers turned to Fayral and the surrounding regions for trade.

By the time Evon was formed, enough Fayralese influence had filtered into the desert region that, despite their ancient pride, few people actually spoke only Zhulanese. Instead, it was common for the citizens of Zhulan (known as Zhulanbürger) to speak in a combination of Zhulanese and Fayralese that both allowed outsiders to understand their speech well enough while still preserving, with pride, the fundamental essence of the native tongue.

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On the other hand, Tarsur, Evon’s eastern province, was originally settled by the same peoples that formed Pecali, Evon’s eastern neighbor. However, the mountains were never claimed by the rainforest country. Instead, they remained home to independent groups of humans, dwarves, giants, and other magical creatures that preferred the stark and isolated environment of the tall, thick mountain range. Those residents of the Tarsur mountain range that could speak in languages understandable to humans most often spoke in Pecalini.

When Evon formed, the magical creatures of Tarsur moved either to the small mountainous portion of the Northeast Forest or to the Northern Tar mountain range that formed Pecali’s northern border. Those humans who resided within Tarsur took up Fayralese in order to facilitate trade and government. However, even two centuries after Evon’s formation, most Tarsurians litter their speech with as much Pecalini as they can, and some isolated villages speak little to no Fayralese at all.

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