The gods of this world play as much a part in the stories I write as the mortals whose lives they affect.  In fact, at least two of them have taken mortal form.


The Creator

Carith, the Creator, is one of the few gods that is recognized by all of the mortals within the world of Evon.  While he is recognized by the Religion of Carith as the ultimate good and as the leader of the gods by the old religion, he is simply a creator of souls.  Ever since the disappearance of his lifemate, the so-called Lost Goddess, he spends most of his time holed up in the pocket spirit realm known as Carith’s Workshop, creating mortal souls from the soul essence that makes up his long, colorful hair.  Only Aquila, the Royal Eagle, who comes to fetch newly made souls, ever sees him with any regularity.


The Destroyer

The Destroyer is the only god, other than Carith, to be recognized by every mortal.  The mortals know the Destroyer by the name Maurus, and he is recognized by the Religion of Carith as the ultimate evil and as a necessary force by the old religion.  All agree that, while Carith is associated with an abundance of color that represents the multitude of souls he creates, the Destroyer is a drab being, usually depicted in grays and browns.  The Destroyer is often considered a destroyer of souls, but the powers of this deity are not actually so limited.


The Eternal Goddess/Lost Goddess

The Eternal Goddess is the lifemate of the Creator and the eternal guardian of souls.  She reigns over a pocket spirit realm known as the Land of Free Souls, where mortal souls reside after they’ve been removed from the Cycle of Incarnation.  A disagreement between her and the Creator over the importance of the mortal experience led to her being thrown into the Cycle of Incarnation herself.  She has been lost to gods and mortals alike ever since, granting her the title Lost Goddess by those who still remember that Carith once had a lifemate.  It was also her disappearance into the Cycle of Incarnation that disrupted the magics of the world and lost humans the ability to access half of the twelve magics.



The demigods are the children of the Creator and the Eternal Goddess.  They influence various aspects of mortal life and are born in pairs, one male associated with a negative aspect and one female born with the opposite positive.  They were born to balance specific forms of Chaos as they became unmanageable.  Life and Death are the eldest, followed by Love and Hate, Hope and Fear, and Peace and War.


The Cycle of Incarnation

The Cycle of Incarnation is a spiritual pool in which mortal souls wait between lives.  When a soul is first created or has just ended a life, it is fetched by Aquila, the Royal Eagle, who brings it to the Cycle.  The soul is then given to Lupus, the Hungry Wolf, who eats the memories of the soul and throws the soul into the Cycle.  The Cycle itself is guarded by Serpens, the Great Serpent, who swims through the Cycle and removes souls when it is time for them to start a new life.  Once chosen to start a new life, a soul is given to Phoenicia, the Splendid Phoenix, who plants the soul in the womb of its new mother.

This cycle continues for a soul until it is deemed ready to be removed from the Cycle.  Once removed, it is taken by Aquila to the Land of Free Souls.


The Fates

The Fates, also known as the Ladies, are three deities that keep a careful watch on the lives of mortals and form them into the Tapestry of Mortal Life.  They are female in form, but, while they were born together, their forms show different ages.

Neris, known as the Maid, holds the form of a young woman, and her spirit is colorful, but pale.  She wields the Spindle and spins soul material into the threads representing each mortal soul within the tapestry.

Tapeta, known as the Matron, holds the form of a middle-aged woman, and the colors of her spirit shine bright and full.  She uses the Loom and spins the soul threads into the Tapestry of Mortal Life.

Findi, known as the Crone, holds the form of an old woman, and the colors of her spirit are dark and dull.  She wields the Double-Edged Dagger and cuts the soul threads when the mortals they belong to die.  The edge of the blade she uses determines whether they are destined for the Cycle of Incarnation or the Land of Free Souls.