Designing Author Website

I’m currently working with a website designer to design my website. The design is up and running, and it looks great, but I’m still learning how to use it (I originally published this post on WordPress instead of my website) and I need to reorganize my pages and their contents.

I am currently thinking of having the home page start with a news feed that will show the beginning of the blog post that I consider to be most important at the moment, with a list of books associated with the site (currently just my Peace of Evon series) beneath it. Each title in the list will link to a description of the book on a separate page (all book descriptions, with cover, link to store for purchasing, and, if available, link to excerpt on Wattpad, will be on the same page, which can be accessed from a tab at the top of the screen).

Other than the “Home” and “Books” tabs, I also plan to have an “About the Author” tab, a “Contact” tab, and an “Explore Evon” tab. The first two are self-explanatory, but the “Explore Evon” tab will have a drop-down menu with links to pages with maps, lists and descriptions of gods, language glossaries, and various songs, poems, and games associated with the world of my series.

Along the sides of the screen, I currently have sign-up for newsletter, like on Facebook, lists of posts, and Archives, and I am contemplating the addition of widgets for my Goodreads author page and Book Giveaway. I would also like to add links to my Wattpad and perhaps LinkedIn, but I’m not sure where to put them.

At this point, I feel like I should reach out to others for advice.

As authors, whether self-published or traditional, does this seem like a good start for a site? Is there anything you would change or add to my description? Where do you think I should put the widgets and links that I’m uncertain about?

If you’re a reader only, that’s great! What would you, as a reader, wish and expect to find on your favorite author’s website? Does my description of what I want to do sound appealing, or is there something you think I should do differently?

Please feel free to leave comments with any advice or suggestions. I’m open to any help I can get right now.

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