Gift of War

Gift of War (Peace of Evon, #2)
Volume 2 in the Peace of Evon quartet

Gift of War
by Dorothy Tinker

War wants to play The Game, but Peace doesn’t remember the rules.

A month ago, Ferez Katani, young king of Evon, agreed to travel anonymously with James Caffers, advisor to the united rebellious groups. Despite their growing friendship, Ferez still hasn’t learned James’ most well-kept secret: he is actually a girl and the only remaining heir to the duchy of Kensy, Gemini Cosley.

In addition to the secrets still hanging between them, the recent revelation of a powerful, otherworldly enemy named Markos follows them into Zhulan. Here, they join the nomad clans as they face a poison spreading through the province’s cities. Along with their constant companions—the young dragon, Flame Tongue; the warrior mare, Last Chance; and the facetious stallion, Shadow Racer—can they find peace for themselves and the province, or will Zhulan fall to the poisonous gift of War?