Forgotten Goddess

Forgotten Goddess
by Dorothy Tinker

Final volume in the Peace of Evon quartet
Publication date: 2018

When three months empty stands the throne, the reign of Chaos is all you’ll know!

With one month left in their expected season of traveling together, Gemi, Ferez, and their animal companions are once again awake and united. However, there’s still one major problem: Ferez, king of Evon, believes himself to be a simple farmer. Worse yet, the nobles are gathering for a Noble Council in less than a month, threatening to choose a new king.

With the help of Gemi’s dragon bondmate, Flame Tongue, her facetious stallion, Shadow Racer, and Ferez’s magic-resistant mare, Last Chance, will Gemi be able to help Ferez regain his lost memories and return him to his throne in time? Or will Chaos steal his throne, destroy their kingdom, and finally defeat the world’s forgotten goddess?